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A key factor for the success of the Fireworks productions has been the strong contribution of Fireworks Productions, Recognized for their tight beats, catchy hooks, and talented musicians, Fireworks Productions has been involved, either through production or collaboration, in the successful projects of several key artists and producers, some of whom are mentioned below, and has already gained the respect of many individuals in the music industry. Ehan Aka Goldfingaz , Chief Executive Officer the of Fireworks Productions - A Sacramento native raised in a family of musicians with strong gospel roots, began his music training at an early age. Growing up in a tough urban environment exposed him to the life experiences needed to understand and compose rap and hip-hop while playing the piano and keyboards in Church gave him an appreciation for the inspired music of a higher power. The melding of the two worlds has created an individual with keen ear for tight upbeat arrangements, and an instinctive ability to adapt to any audience. We Use LogicPro , Reasons Propellerhead Akai Mpcs , Ableton . Avid Protools ,Garage Band  etc.. whatever has audio .

Collaborations such as Nipsey Hussle ,BjThechicagokid , JAy305, Dom Kennedy , Compton Menace , Kevin Mccall , 


THE Fireworks FAMILY Producers: Ehan Goldfingaz McAlister, Dustin Aka DjEpik Worswick, Mark Noxx , Nehemiah Johnson,  Marlon Bowen, Ehan McAlister, Mark Noxx . Engineers:Velvettone studios Patt Olguin ,Teak & Dee of Hallwayprod.,Goldfingaz ,Mark noxx ,G-one, MalcolintheMix , Isaac Wynn Y.Huntermusic .MarlonBeatz, TrackCartel , RaspyonDabeatz ,HermanaytaMuzik, A-Train 

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